“This is precisely the time when artists go to work. There is no time for despair, no place for self-pity. No need for silence. No room for fear. We speak, we write, we do language. That is how civilizations heal.”

~ Toni Morrison

Rug hooking artists communicate in a non-verbal language – often with self – as with every loop pulled comes a thought, a memory, a purpose. Some may say that the art-craft’s purpose is to beautify one’s surroundings – and that is in fact a truth. However, it was not always so in the history of mat-making as is well-documented in the Grenfell records. Those days of purpose to warm the floors of Newfoundland outport homes and put food on the table for families were the stuff of basic human need.

Mat-making, rug hooking, its associated techniques, and cross-pollination with other fibre arts have taken us well beyond basic need or beautification and placed it firmly in the realm of Contemporary Art. This transformation has happened very quickly – within a generation or two – and yet can be argued that it continues to fullfil the hierarchy of needs.

The therapeutic soothing of this productively tactile artform productively shaping, reflecting, and commenting on our surroundings – be they social, political, economic, environmental, health-related – are all reasons to produce, to be seen, and to be celebrated. These artists create from the heart, the mind, and the soul. The Woolly Good Rug Hooking Retreat and Festival is a place to share, renew, and rejuvenate our art practices in the embrace of the sea and land that brought it forth.

Textile Artist

Yvonne credits her Swiss father with instilling the value of handcrafted items. Raised on a cattle farm surrounded by antiques, handmade quilts – her love of homesteading and heritage craft has grown into a passion for textile art and a recent return to a rural lifestyle on Willow Pond Homestead in Erin, Ontario.

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Paradise, NL CAN

My Mother, Ruby, the second oldest of six, was born in 1922 and grew up during the ‘dole’ days about 20 kms outside St. John’s. She was just 7 when their father died, leaving the family nearly destitute.

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Conception Harbour, NL CAN

Intimacy with materials in process, usage and place is the foundation of my work. I grow, nurture, forage and process my materials, my art and homesteading lifestyle inseparable.

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Montpelier, VT USA

I’m a fourth-generation rug hooker and I learned rug hooking at age six from my mother, Anne Ashworth, a nationally-known rug hooking teacher.

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Loudon, NH USA

Pam is a juried member of the League of NH Craftsmen and first began rug hooking in 1982 with noted instructor, the late Hallie Hall of Contoocook, HN.

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Bonne Bay, NL CAN

I love the feeling of natural fibre threads and wools as they pass through my fingers to create stitches; they are simple and forthright giving pleasure as they come alive.

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Oakville, ON CAN

I create unique pieces of fibre art with a tufting gun using 100% virgin wool that’s manufactured in a family-owned mill in Canada. Every piece I create is unique and one of a kind.

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Springdale, NL CAN

Joan Foster Springdale, NL CAN Joan Foster, a retired community college instructor from Springdale, NL, is a founding member and certified teacher of the Rug Hooking Guild of Newfoundland.  She currently enjoys teaching geometrics, pictorials, natural dyeing and the Grenfell style of hooking.  Joan has taught across Canada as well as at Sauder Village in…

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Corner Brook, NL CAN

With well over 100 rugs with an appliqué applied, there MUST be a story behind the making!

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Oxford Punch Hooking Instructor

Whether she is painting, working with stain glass, sewing, needle felting, beading, knitting or mat making, thinking “inside the box” has never been easy for multi-disciplinary Artist, Anne Inder.

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Lethbridge, NL CAN

I work with variety of mediums such as: oil, watercolor, acrylic, and textile to translate the world around me into pictorial space. The process of searching out shapes and colors of objects intrigues me.

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The Woolly Good Rug Hooking Retreat & Festival 2022

June 25 thru July 9

Upper Island Cove, Newfoundland CANADA