Newfoundland & Labrador

The land of invention by necessity and humorous ingenuity. There’s been no camera ever invented to capture the breathlessness of its landscape. No words in any language to describe the beauty of its people. “You just have to be here…” A storied novel, the island gives up her chapters to those who choose to listen. A place to truly live for a short or long period – on the edge of the cliffs or the ocean – depending on your personal perspective.

The Scrape

Scrape – noun (geology): The effect of mechanical erosion of rock, especially a river bed, by rock fragments scratching and scraping it.

The scenic Town of Upper Island Cove or “The Walled City” is known for its higgledy-piggledy stone walls, quiet cove with its own paleontological preserve and wonderful characters. Places like The Spare, The Pinch, The Meadow, and The Kissing Rock, make it one of the most quietly interesting towns on the Island.

When cresting the hill into Upper Island Cove, you’ll be treated to an amazing vista of the entire cove area. Spectacular! Stroll and explore the shoreline all the way to the left of The Scrape – pausing to marvel the forces of nature at the town wharf (blown to bits by hurricane), the town lookout, and pioneer cemeteries. Maybe climb a “hill ‘o chips” along the way. Upper Island Cove’s Long Range Loop hike (1.5km) waits your exploration of its history and magnificent coastal views. Watch out for the gulches! Another day, travel to the right of The Scrape up past Spoon Cove Road for spectacular views looking back over the entire town and cove. Breathe deeply during morning quiet contemplation and melt away your days of adventure here on The Scrape at Upper Island Cove.

The Scrape: Latitude 47.646916 Longitude -53.204932
GPS Coordinates: 47° 38′ 48.8976” N53° 12′ 17.7552” W


The Woolly Good Rug Hooking Retreat & Festival 2022

June 25 thru July 9

Upper Island Cove, Newfoundland CANADA